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Abby Young also known as Super Pretty BLOR is also a main character of, a coming movie called, Bubble Girls.


Super T tries to be a filmmaker, but Abby Young hates it, setting a trap, for Super T. Showing that, she is camera shy. Abby Young couldn't breath, without her bubble. Luckly, she thought ahead, and was able to trick Hazel long enough, to get a new bubble. She used to be, a scientist, that worked for Nicole Waldo. Unlike Super T, is smarter than him, making it harder for Super T, to defeat his Nemies. And was enemies, with Hazel Pretty Wright, until the moon instinct. And she was, the mother figure with her, ever since.


Hazel finally moves out. And leaves Super T and Abby Young behide. Super T is stuck inside the book. Abby Young goes in the book, and finally learns that, Luncher is Super T's actual enemy. And Abby Young, tries to put a stop to it. Luncher senses Abby Young to death. Hitting her the head, causing her to, hulluction. 60 Years after her death, Super T turns evil, becaming the alias, Dark Super T.