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"Bob's Magic" 
Season: 1
Episode Number: 2
Original Air Date: Monday, July 3, 2017
Premiere Time: 10:00 AM
Directed by: KW
Production Code: 112-002
Previous: Lost on the Road to Damascus
Next: Super T vs. Math Queen

"Bob's Magic" is the, second episode, of the, first season of Lost on the Road, and, the, second episode, overall.


This is the beginning of Math Queen's Revenge.


Bob performs some, magic spells.

Main CharactersEdit

Super T

Super K

Luncher Instansty Wright

Math Queen (Debut)

Recurring CharactersEdit

Cleo Ramsay


Doctor Restricted

Flame King

Bubble Girls

Bob the Magician

Knight Thunder


Minor CharactersEdit

Tommen (debut)

Shadow Girl (debut)

Fredrick Topmainia Scott (debut)

Keylure (debut, cameo)

Stekaku (debut, cameo)

Sweet Gum (debut)

Super Bluie Blue (debut)

Super Space K (debut)

Pondomookey (debut, cameo)

Samurai Daniel (debut)

Balloon Man (debut)

Scorpio (debut)


Plastic Bubble (Debut)

Magician's Staff (Debut)

Space Gun (Debut)

Ice Sword (Debut)


This is, the, very first, Lost on the Road, ever made.

And, previews, of this, have aired, since, August 18, 2014, on VHS, in Journals, and a especially, on DVD, plus, there were, merchandise, before, the episode, itself, was ever, released.

The flashbacks, were made, on AniZone, which includes, some, Behide of Scenes, for Lost on the Road.


Bob the Magician, is, a master, of disguise, as in, The Pete Holmes Show.


After, Bob the Magician, drops, the, Cecil bar. Then, Knight Thunder, waits, until, Bob the Magician, is asleep. Then, she, kidnaps him. She, goes, to feed, Bob the Magician, to, some Crocodiles. And, before, she successes, she asks, who, Bob the Magician, was? Then, Bob the Magician, attempts to escape. Knight Thunder, sees, what, he is, doing. So, she distracts, Bob the Magician, by, making, him think, that, his parents, were, here. And, then, he asks, Knight Thunder, to stop, the control ship. She refuses, and says, "You really, to fight me." Then, she locks, Bob up, in, a glass, still, prison. And, people, like Bob, could, never escape. Then, he calls, a bus driver, that will, get, Bob the Magician, out of, anything.


When, Super Bluie Blue, was telling, Super Space K.

That, someone, in his family, has, died.

Originally, was, Super T, but, Super T, is alive, in, the next, episode.

Therefore, the awesome, person, he, was, talking about, was, very much, in fact, Luncher.

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