Devin Lanning (born March 27, 2002) is a singer, voice actor; and in Fox 5 news; he's best known for; Delvis.

Devin Lanning
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Devin Lanning in Lost on the Road: The True Creation: The Movie

Born: March 27, 2002
Alma Meter: Red Bud Middle School
Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 2016-2017

Known for: Delvis

Early life

Devin Lanning (born March 27, 2002) punched a window. For being locked outside, thanks to his evil parents.


When Devin Lanning, was 13 Years Old, he went onto Corb's Got Talent, there he start his music career, for these, who loved Elvis more than ever before. Just then the Manager, James L'favor came up and said, Devin Lanning, you have Autism.  And Devin Lanning held back, because he couldn't count change. Rather than being discouraged, Bacon Lover work harder to catch up, while loving, Elvis, and people, all at, the same time. In fact, during a birthday party, that he didn't have, during 2017 he make 4 music albums overall. And had to cancel the birthday party because of it. During August 15, of this year, Devin Lanning was one of the main stars in GMIA Live Pop-up Jam Session. And, was also, on some television, and movies, as well.

Personal Life

Devin has a scar from the window he punched, and also has 8 Girlfriends has of currently. He's left, the bus, on, September 21, 2017, and will, never, come back, for visit, like, never again.


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Good Day Atlanta Himself Interview with his Manager


Year Title Role Notes
2017 Lost on the Road: The Complete Movie Collection Bob the Magician TV Movie

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