"After all these years. Hearing lies and causing trouble all over the world. Say hello to Mister Crocadile. There you mister, what your name? It says, I'm suppose to get rid of you, Scary."

--Knight Thunder as of Super T vs. Math Queen

Knight Thunder is one of the Recurring Characters in Lost on the Road.

Knight Thunder
Th (45)
Gender: Male
Age: 863 
Species: Homosapiens
First Appearance: Bob's Magic
Last Appearance: Super T vs. Math Queen


Math Queen   (Grandmother)

Keylure (Mother)

Stekaku (Aunt)

Coe (Aunt)

Mister Crocadile (Time Duplicate)

Tommen (64th Great Grandson)

Occupation: Texas State Police
Residence: The Police Station
Voiced By: CR, KW

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