Lost on the Road is American Television Series based off a short called "Hypeseis" which is 2014 Short and it mainly was created for Super T and of course Bob the Magician.


Bob the Magician and Knight Thunder to on Adventures with there bus driver, Mister Morgan.


There's alot of Lost on the Road and only the main characters are shown here.

The SupersEdit

Super T: Super T is one, of, the Main Characters, and Star, of the show, he's even enemies, with, the now known, Math Queen.

Super K: He's, a good guy, but with a villainous, personality. This is proven in, (The Villainous Monster Plan, Bob's Magic and Miss K's Bubble)

Mark Goffball Wright: Mark Goofball Wright, is a, no good, too good, showoff. He even, makes fun, of Hazel, being, in dangerous Situations, but, in the end, he always, saves, the day.

Hazel Pretty Wright: Hazel Pretty Wright, is the smallest, and most prettiest, of Super T's 3 kids.

The PunksEdit

Math Queen: She is, Super T's main archnemies, that nonone knew about, until, The Anniversary Bubble. She also, the one, that helped, Super K's Scale escape, from death.

Susan Popsay: The Alien mother, of 3 kids.

Obvious: Obvious, is one, of Super T's, Evil Sons, and the Shapeshifter, of Planet X.

Math Queen Daughters: Their names, are "Keylure, Stekaku, Coe," Their names, translates to, Yellow, Hell, Scary. Their also, have a end, to end competition, with Super T's, Daughter, Hazel Pretty Wright.

Ryan Smyth: Ryan Smyth loves to treaten, Super T and Super K, his two, favorite students, into doing, their work.


Lost on the Road: The Complete First Season

Lost on the Road: The Complete Second Season


A great deal of Merchandise has been issued, probably because, Lost on the Road is 22% Popular.


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