Lost on the Road (Season 1)
Country of Origin: United States
Original Language: English
Original Network: AniZone
Original Release: Febuary 21, 2017
Next: Lost on the Road: The Complete Second Season

Season 1 of Lost on the Road of 3 Episodes. Recording begin on, August 18, 2014.


106 27  "The Superhero Adventure" TBA TBA September 29, 2016 TBA 2.80
Episode Arizone Original Air Date Broadcast order
"The Villainous Monster Plan" February 21, 2017 112-001
 "Bob's Magic" July 3, 2017 112-00

"Super T vs. Math Queen"

July 13, 2017 112-003

VHS ReleaseEdit

Lost on the Road Hypothesis (Part of Lost on the Road Film, Film Trigoly, and Bob's Magic).


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