"Now it's time for my revenge. I'm a ghost now. What means I haunt you. Oh! Aw! Oh! Aw!"

--Luncher as of The Villainous Monster Plan. 

Luncher Instansty Wright is one of the Main Characters in Lost on the Road. 

Luncher Instansty Wright
IMG 20170629 180025
Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Species: Homosapiens
First Appearance: The Villainous Monster Plan


Cleo Ramsay (Grandma)

Fredrick Topmainia Scott (Father)

Super K (Brother)

Susan Popsay (Ex-Sister in Law)

Sweet Gum (Sister in Law)

Obvious (Nephew)

Shadow Girl (Niece)

Super Bluie Blue (4th Great Grandson)

Super Space K (4th Great Nephew)

Residence: Rangerville
Voiced by: KW, DL

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