"Why are you mad, Super T. I gave you, superpowers."

--Math Queen as of Super T vs. Math Queen.

Math Queen (Nicky DeLauro) is one the Main Villains during Season 1 and she was in the Series Finale. She eventually gets replaced, by Laz the Wiz.

Math Queen
Th (15)
Gender: Female

Age: Deceased

920 (as of The Portal)

1000 (Debut)

Species: Homosapiens
First Appearance: Bob's Magic
Last Appearance: The Portal


Keylure (Daughter)

Coe (Daughter)

Stekaku (Daughter)

Knight Thunder (Grandmother)

Tommen (66th Great Grandson)




Burning Red

Ice Man

Ryan Smyth

Flame King


Samurai Daniel

Bubble Girls

Residence: Planet X
Voiced By: KW

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