Secret Awesome Fort Awesome (Season 2)
Country of Origin: United States
Original Language: English
Original Network: Cartoon Network
Original Release: December 30, 2011- March 29, 2012
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The series was renewed for a second season which started, December 30, 2011.


Pete Browngardt as Uncle Grandpa

Steve Blum as Ham Sandwich Jones

Pete Browngardt as Festro

Pete Browngardt as Dingle

Pat Duke as The Fart

Steve Little as Slog

Paul Rugg as Gweelok

Clive Refill as Helmet Head

Broadcast and reception

Party Slog (1.0)

Road Trippin' (1.0)

Dingle Come Home (1.0)

Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace (1.0)

President The Fart (1.0)

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome (5.5)

Festro Gets Glasses (5.5)

Funstro (5.5)

Labyrinth (5.5)

Gweelok Cracks (5.5)

Stealing the Sun (5.5)

5 Disgustoids and a Baby (5.5)

Family Lies (5.5)

Wrestlemaniacs (5.5)

Just for Kicks (5.5)

Secret Mountain Fort Werebaby (5.5)


No. in


No. in


Title Written and storyboarded by Story by Original air date Prod.


12 1 "Party Slog" Chris Reccardi, Brett Varon,

Clay Morrow, and Noel Belknap

Dave Tennant, Fred Belford,

Pete Browngardt, and David P. Smith

December 30, 2011 201
Every time the Disgustoids have a party, Slog turns into "Party Slog" which annoys the bros, but when trouble strikes they need him to do so.
13 2 "Road Trippin'" Greg Miller Dave Tennant, Pete Browngardt,

and David P. Smith

January 6, 2012 202
The Disgustoids go on a road trip.
14 3 "Dingle Come Home" Brett Varon Dave Tennant, Fred Belford,

Pete Browngardt, and David P. Smith

January 13, 2012 203
When Dingle abandons his friends they try to get him to come home.
15 4 "Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza


Audie Harrison TBA January 20, 2012 204
When Festro finds out about a place called "Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace" he goes there only to get trapped by the people who go there.
16 5 "President The Fart" Mike Stern TBA January 27, 2012 205
The Fart is elected as the Disgustoids' new leader when everyone tires of being bossed around by Festro.
17 6 "Secret Mountain Uncle Grandpa" Pete Browngardt and Audie Harrison TBA February 3, 2012 206
Uncle Grandpa shows up at a lame birthday party and tries to make it cool.

Note: This is one of the Season 2 episodes of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, but was another pilot for a new spin-off series called Uncle Grandpa.

18 7 "Festro Gets Glasses" Stephen DeStefano TBA February 10, 2012 207
Festro gets glasses so he can look smarter, but he thinks wearing glasses means "smort".
19 8 "Funstro" Greg Miller and Chad Coyle TBA February 17, 2012 208
Festro experiences a personality change after getting an aching tooth pulled out.

Guest star: Dee Snider as The Tooth Fairy.

20 9 "Labyrinth" Ian Jones-Quartey TBA March 8, 2012 209
When Gweelok wishes that Jerry, the Goblin King, would come take his annoying friends away, he realizes how much he misses them and has to enter the twisted world of the Labyrinth to rescue them. This is the first time that Gweelok has legs for dancing.
21 10 "Gweelok Cracks" Brett Varon, Greg Miller,

and Chris Reccardi

TBA March 8, 2012 210
Gweelok is excited to meet his science idol, but grows more and more frustrated when he starts taking an interest in Festro.
22 11 "Stealing the Sun" Greg Miller and Chad Coyle TBA March 15, 2012 211
When the Disgustoids steal the sun and bring it underground, all the elderly people follow.
23 12 "5 Disgustoids and a Baby" Pete Browngardt and Greg Miller Dave Tennant, Pete Browngardt,

and David P. Smith

March 15, 2012 212
Festro learns the joys and horrors of parenting when Dingle steals Ham Sandwich (from Uncle Grandpa) and gives him to him for his birthday.
24 13 "Family Lies" Brett Varon TBA March 22, 2012 213
While travelling to Dingle's family reunion, numerous setbacks keep Dingle and The Fart from making it, until The Fart realizes that Dingle is sabotaging their trip.
25 14 "Wrestlemaniacs" Chris Reccardi and Audie Harrison TBA March 22, 2012 214
Festro and The Fart take up wrestling and become hugely popular, all in the name of a single french fry.
26 15 "Just for Kicks" Audie Harrison TBA March 29, 2012 215
Festro goes on a quest to Alaska for some Velcro shoes.
27 16 "Secret Mountain Fort Werebaby" Brett Varon TBA March 29, 2012 216
When a werebaby bites all of the Disgustoids but Slog, they start turning cute, so Slog must find a way to cure their affliction and make them disgusting again.

Home Media

August 1st, 2013, The second season was released.

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