"Hey, Alex Wright, your Super T."

--Super Pretty BLOR as of The Villainous Monster Plan

Super Pretty BLOR is one of the Recurring Characters in Lost on the Road.

Super Pretty BLOR

IMG 20170629 180540

Gwen ua render

Th (27)

220px-Super cover

Gender: Female


16 (as of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)

123 (as of The Villainous Monster Plan)

125 (as of Super T 2: Stopping the Bats)

141 (Debut)

143 (as of Super 2)

204 (Season 2)

Species: Witch
First Appearance: The Villainous Monster Plan
Last Appearance: Super T 2: Stopping the Bats


Super T (Father in Law)

Susan Popsay (Mother in Law)

Obvious (Husband)

Mark Goffball Wright (Brother in Law)

Hazel Pretty Wright (Sister in Law)

Tabith Wright (Sister in Law)

Brenda Wright (Sister in Law)

Shadow Girl (Cosin)

Super Bluie Blue (4th Great Grandson)

Super Space K (5th Great Nephew)


Samurai Daniel

Bubble Girls






Burning Red

Ice Man

Ryan Smyth

Flame King

Residence: Lincolnshire

Voiced By: 

Ayesha Takia

Galadriel Stineman

Ellen Page

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