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Alexender "Tough" Wright also known as Super T is the Main Character of the Lost on the Road/The Outsiders franchise.


Super T is tricked by Abby Young that she will protect Obvious although this is proven false in Season 2.


Super T was a ship. Then he saw something. The Evil Mermaid tricked Super T and locked him up in a basement. Then Super T gets out. And he revealed be no other than 20 Years Old. Super T was lost one night. When lights flickered. Then the ghosts haunted Super T. Not before long, Happy Moon helps out.


Super T and Obvious: Super T has finished reading the story to Obvious. Obvious asked if the story is true. Then Super Pretty BLOR shows up and turns Obvious shirt pink. Super T gets mad and must free Obvious. So he flys and saves the day.

Power Source: And not before long they test Super T and Obvious for there Power Levels to see how strong they are without them. Bringing in Doctor Restricted. Causing a fight between the two. And the two battle with there swords held high. Causing Super T to find the source to Abby Young's power and use it against her for good.

Note: This lends to Season 2.


Super T fought Super K during The Super Wars. Super T was best friends with Abby Young until, Evil Octopus tricked her, only being used by her, as a Energy Source.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super T primary superpower is super strength. He is seen catching people off of buildings. This was foreshadowed in the episode, "The Best Offense." [1]
  • Super T is also great a combat however, he always gets the upper hand, on Super K.
  • Super T can lasto, his son, off a building.
  • When Super T and Abby Young's Powers Merge The Time Bubble is born.
  • Super T's flight power is 10100 times faster than walking.


  • Super T also can't stand a body of water.
  • Super T can't handle rocktum.


Super T's Death is unknown.

1. Super T was saved from certain doom. And was in heaven and looks at the golden streets.

2. Super T falls off a cliff, and becomes Obvious.

3. Super T dies from electrocuted, set by Math Queen herself. Possibly becoming a sword that Nicholas Wright picks up.