The New Adventures of Super T (Comic Book Series)

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There's a upcoming episode, based off of this comic book.

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This is a upcoming Season 12 Episode. Which is a 3 Part Event.

Episodes 59-60 (Good Episode)

Released Date: (April 22, 2016: The Comic Book Series was Complete.)

Part I: What is a Super? (Febuary 25, 2018)

Part II: What is a Falloon? (March 2, 2018)

Previous Episode: 

"Back to the Past (3rd Alternate Timeline)"

Next Episode: 

"Cinema In and Poof"


This is what made, Lost on the Road Popular. 

TV Series: 

"Lost on the Road: The Complete Movie Collection"


Miss McPinkster says, "Remember that one time, back in 2016. Those were good times, right Super T."


Super T

Miss McPinkster

Lucy the Mute

Wright the Koala

Pie Kids

Samurai Daniel