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"The Villainous Monster Plan"

Season: 1

Episode Number: 1
Original Air Date: Tuesday, February 21, 2016
Premiere Time: 10:00 AM
Directed by: KW
Production Code: 112-001
Previous: Super (2010 American Film)
Next: Guardians (Film)

"The Villainous Monster Plan" is the, first episode, of the first season, of Lost on the Road, and the first episode, overall.


This is Super T's First Fight with Super K.


Super T, encounters, a evil, purple monster, who is also, in charge, of, The Villainous, Car Plan, Service.

Main CharactersEdit

Super T

Super K

Luncher Instansty Wright


Recurring CharactersEdit


Ice Man


Minor CharactersEdit

Ryan Smyth

Miss K

The Robot Bug

Susan Popsay

The Robot Dog

Banana K

Banana Bane

Super Pretty BLOR

Burning Red

Happness Blue

Lazy Orange

Gary Vaper


Tracking Device (Debut)

Rope (Debut)

TNT (Debut)

Rocktonem (Debut)

Nuclear Waste (Debut)

Electric Metal Bed (Debut)

Ghost Trap (Debut)


This is actually the Second Episode overall.

This is also, when Luncher, was going, against, his brother, Super T.

This is also around the same time. Where, he hires, Bull and Bird, to go after, Super T.


The Ghost Trap, is a reference, to, Ghostbusters (1984).


Super T, smashed, down the door. So, Super T, pressed, a light switch. Then, he saw, a stranger, inside. It was, Doctor Restricted. Super T, punched, Doctor Restricted. Tommen, gets upset. Super K, was trapped, inside, a car. But there, were, Electric pulses, everywhere. Math Queen, came, to suck, all the Helium, out of, the balloons. Just, so, Super K, could, get the Keys. Then, Super K, jumped out. He, was going, into, the school, but there, was, an, alarm. Super K went as a High School teacher, Bruce Willis, to sneak, passed, the alarms. Super K graps the book. And then, Super K died, to not, be kil,l later, by Robot, and, his, Robot Minions. This is when Math Queen decide to play Mind Games with Super T. And when, Super T, supposedly froze, Super K's girlfriend, Miss K. Math Queen, set off, the freezer ray, and, therefore, tricking, Super K, to, the Dark Side.


The Main Archnemies was going to Luncher, Super K, Super Pretty BLOR, Carl Wright and last, but certainly, not least, Doctor Restricted. But, there, was someone, more villainy, than, these choices. So, now, the Main Archnemies, is Math Queen.

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