Lost on the Road DVD Review 201:41

Lost on the Road DVD Review 2.0

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"Watch Time Parts 1 and 2"

Season: 2

Episode Number: 1/2
Original Air Date: August 18, 2014
Premiere Time: 3:30 PM
Based on: Ben 10
Directed by: KW
Production Code: 212-001/212-002
Previous: Super T vs. Math Queen
Next: Balloon Time


Watch Time Part 1: Then, a watch, got, onto, him. The Watch, allowed him, to shapeshift, into, 4 aliens. Giving him, the nickname, Super T 4. Then, Super T 4 went, onto, the Time Traveling, Bus. And went into space, therefore meeting, a new foe. This, new foe, had something, against, Super T, and, everyone else. 

Watch Time Part 2: Lastereyes, was, a master, of, Aliens forms. And, was hired, after, Math Queen, was erased. Now, he's after, Super T. Every move, Super T, makes, will result, great memory loss. So, that way, Super T, can't, nor, will how, to stop, Lastereyes, and, his, greatest schemes. Will in fact, be stopped, by the Wicked Witch, herself, aka Super Pretty BLOR. The Wicked Witch, turn herself, into, a balloon. And starts, to make, herself, float. To where, Super T, will, fly to freedom.

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